Individual development and training

A year in IBIOS will challenge you in your discipleship. We are God’s chosen generation. Called to be His priests, prophets and kings to release his Kingdom and make disciples of all nations. We believe that people learn best and grow most when the Word and action accompany each other. As part of the discipleship training, you will be part of a team.

The focus of this team is Preparation for Ministry. People in this team will serve and be trained in different areas of the church. Both in the English and the Swedish speaking ministries. Through an interview we discover together where you want to grow and learn, so we can release you into your next level of ministry. Come and be trained and experience how heaven will invade earth through your life.

The annual mission trip to Africa will be an unforgettable adventure. It is no exaggeration to say that you wont be the same after these trips.

Mission trip

Every spring semester IBIOS goes on a 10-day mission trip to Africa. These trips have been life-changing, both for students and for the people they come in contact with in the country. Students have been putting everything they’ve learned into practice, and have time and again seen how God’s power manifested through their own hands; blind have received their sight, the deaf got their hearing back, the lame have risen up and walked, and thousands of people have received Jesus as their Saviour. The kingdom of God has invaded and entire communities have been transformed!

This years mission trip to Uganda was an amazing experience in seeing God move in a powerful way. here are some snapshots of what happened.
We set apart one day to serve a very poor area of the community by cleaning their streets. Here is part of the team in action.

Playing with some kids we “found” on the way while we were out evangelizing.

During the evening revival meetings that were held every day during the trip we had the opportunity to pray for a lot of people that were sick, or had pain or demons tormenting them, and we saw a lot of people getting healed, delivered and saved. Glory to God.

Several days of our trip we drove out to really poor areas of Kampala and gave out packages containing rice, sugar and soap, and we asked the people we met if there was anything that they wanted us to pray for. The african young man standing second on the right in this picture had been involved in a traffic accident the night before we met him. We found him sitting on the ground with a dislocated shoulder that he was unable to move and a knee with so much pain that he could not even stand up. We laid hands on his shoulder and commanded it to be healed in Jesus name, and immediately it popped back into place. The young man could now freely move it around with no pain whatsoever. We asked if he wanted God to do the same with his knee, which he wanted of course. So we laid hands on the knee and commanded it to be healed in Jesus name. What happened next was astonishing – the man stood up and walked, without any pain! Both of these african men received Jesus as the personal Lord and Saviour.