Here are some of the students’ own answers to the question “What has this year in IBIOS meant to you?”

“Crazy much! It has changed how I view God, how I look at people and how I see myself. I am transformed and I am really excited about what will come.”

“It has given me such a good foundation for the future.”

“It has meant a new beginning in my life! It has changed me from the depths!”

“IBIOS has been the door for me to enter God’s greatness and his kingdom. I have discovered my destiny and foundation. It has Helped me to love the Word of God and renew my mind by the Word of God and the Spirit.”

“More than I can explain, really. I have grown in grace, faith, hope, love, joy and a bunch of other areas.”

“A lot! I have grown and been sharpened in areas and ways that I did not even know existed. I have been able to see God in action through a knowledgable understanding of who he is.”

“This year has been life-changing. The best thing I have ever experienced!”

“I am so grateful for identity teaching and focus on personal growth. There has been room for questions and doubts in a way that has made feel like it’s okay not to be perfect and know everything. The congregation has also meant a lot and been a platform where we have been able to practice what we’ve learned.”

“This year has made ​​me more hungry for God. It’s been like a buffet that has been laid out with what God has to offer and now it’s time to start living life and enjoy what is being served. It has given me a deeper understanding of the gospel and what we really believe in.”