Our mission as a Bible School is to make followers of Jesus Christ filled with the Word and the Spirit, equipped for ministry and hungry for more of God and the manifestation of His Kingdom.
Do you want to fulfil your calling and destiny in Christ? Don’t miss out- come to IBIOS and let the Spirit filled atmosphere, the teaching and the personal training make you a disciple that disciples others to impact the World.

Paul Orlenius
Director, IBIOS

Location and atmosphere

The IBIOS training center is run by Stockholm City Church and situated downtown in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The Diploma of Christian Ministry is accredited by and run in partnership with the Pentecostal college Kaggeholms Folkhögskola, and the International Bible Institute of London (Kensington Temple). Students experience their training in the midst of a worshiping, growing and outreaching church. IBIOS strongest features are the emphasis on the everyday supernatural life of a disciple, accompanied with deep theological teaching in a training environment.

Teaching and Mentoring

The school’s greatest resource is teachers from City Church, Kaggeholm, Sweden, Kensington Temple (London) and visiting international speakers. The teacher’s personal commitment and availability makes it possible for everyone to do their individual journey in acquiring knowledge and revelation. The training center also facilitates personal training through mentorship and team based practical learning.

Teams and Trips

At IBIOS we read the Bible, then we simply do what it says. Through the team practices we do the works of Jesus by helping the poor, healing the sick, welcoming children, winning people for the Kingdom of God and what ever the Spirit is leading us to.
The annual mission trips to Europe or Africa will be an unforgettable adventure. It is no exaggeration to say that you wont be the same after these trips.

We are God’s chosen generation. Called to be His priests, prophets and kings to release his Kingdom and make disciples of all nations. If this sounds exciting –sign up to get more information sent to you. Please visit us at

Curriculum of IBIOS 2013/2014


In this part of the education, we go through the foundations of the Christian faith based on the 12 books in the series Sword of the Spririt by Colin Dye.


Effective Prayer
Knowing the Spirit
The rule of God
Living faith
Glory in the church
Ministry in the Spirit
Knowing the Father
Reaching the lost
Listening to God
Knowing the Son
Worship in Spirit and Truth


In the society we live in, knowledge is necessary to be able to respond to the issues and needs we meet. Insights are the subjects intended to help you reach out to todays society, at same time hold on to the never changing truths of the Bible.


Ethics – the Bible as a foundation
Apologetics – defending the faith
World Religions and New Age
Introduction to the New Testament
Introduction to the Old Testament
Book of Acts
Church history – an overview


The doctrine of men
The doctrine of angels
The doctrine of the last days
The doctrine of the Word of God

Life and Ministry

Jesus was practical and challenging in his teaching, which is focused in the following subjects related to life and ministry. This is how we do what he did.


Each one reach one
Nursing new believers
The cell-vision
Discipleship training
Prophetic School
Worship in the church
Counselling and deliverance
Marriage & Family
God’s Generals
Practical Evangelism
Spiritual disciplines

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